Who is Tracing Terroir?

With the majority of the nation’s farmers being over the age of 65, this Southern-bred red-head is excited to be a part of the paradigm shift of her generation that is coming back to the land.  With agriculture being such a mainstay and essential aspect of any culture, exploring and discovering differences in microclimates, growing methods, husbandry ideas, weed-management techniques and community involvement is what I’ve dedicated this season of travelling to.

This gal from North Carolina with a Someday Farm on her mind is gathering info and ideas and experience while accumulating a network of like-minded, foodie, natural-living and organic farmers.

WWOOF is a program dedicated to connecting volunteers/those interested in farming, with farms that have education to offer and work to lend out.  Many countries have their own WWOOF organization and provided you have travel funds, once you’re on a farm it’s understood that your room and board will be provided. It’s a great way to travel inexpensively, get past the tourist lines and really experience the culture.

Questions, comments, raving passages of love and any other tidbits are encouraged and appreciated!


5 responses to “Who is Tracing Terroir?

  1. Your words and experiences are a challenge and blessing to us all. I join your Dad in covering you with prayers of protection and provision, not to mention total trust in the Lord and the path he has for you. Looking forward to following your path back home.

    Dick Smith

  2. Camille: I love your blog; just stumbled on it. I will be in touch more. I started a new website: mysustainableliving.net. Also have a blog at gblogger pam-happy.blogspot.com

  3. Hello,
    I am interested in using one of your images for a magazine piece we are doing on Cold Frames. If this is possible please contact me at 508-771-1427 ext, 20,
    Thank you.
    David Bailey
    The Barnstable Patriot

  4. Convince me, Camille. I need a guide. I’d love to dump the VA and have the kind of faith you have. You are doing what I always dreamed of doing. But I never had the courage to do. Biggest problem…. I need my dogs.

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