Oh No!


Check out the link above.

All you farmers out there (and concerned consumers) beware! The USDA has officially de-regulated the use of genetically engineered alfalfa – meaning that it will now be allowed to rampantly taint any other source of true and organic alfalfa crops nationwide!

With alfalfa being such a staple crop for any farmer with livestock, this means it is imperative to consider when buying hay for animals, meat from producers and manure for composting.

Please be conscious of this new loss in the organic world, and if you can, find some way to vocalize your outrage, discontent, fear, non-support, etc. for this move on the part of the USDA.


4 responses to “Oh No!

  1. I am noticing you mention WWOOF in your profile section; are you participating in the program? I know of 3 or 4 farms here where I live that have WWOOF’ers every summer if you ever have a hankering to try out the northern california farm scene! Plus it is a lot of fun :) Jessica

  2. I don’t normally jump on the bandwagon for “causes” and “campaigns”, but I responded to every single prompt I got to send and email on the topic.

    Truly terrifying! If sheep DIE from levels of copper that are necessary for hogs, how can we possibly know how they will react to GMO alfalfa?

    For now, I’ll be switching over to red clover, while evaluating other options.

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