Savory Lamb Galette

As my next installment for the challenge of Dark Days cooking, I’d like to introduce the Savory Lamb Galette.  It is a flaky and cheery, yet moist and earthy lazy pie creation; and everything about it is local but the butter and salt.

Lamb sausage from the recent farm-sit; bright green spinach leaves barely wilted in the shitake-butter mixture; miniature Yukon gold potatoes to lend both a creaminess when smashed up with hard-boiled eggs and melted butter, as well as a defined chewy texture when browned in the butter mixture with the spinach and shitakes; 100% whole wheat flour (fresh from the bike-powered mill) from PT’s own dry-land farm project. There are many, many ways these ingredients could come together to get acquainted and/or marry into a hearty, seasonal meal (think soup/stew, quiche, sourdough bread with an omelette and hash, etc.)  But this particular creation came inspired by this galette recipe, and the galore of galettes that seem to be a new theme in my life these days (my friend Leora makes the meanest blueberry galette on the planet, and my friend Janet’s rustic apple pie isn’t too far off the beaten path du galette either, and many galette inspired recipes from “friends” are making their way onto my facebook homepage as well.)

Though this takes a good amount of prep time, it’s worth it on a day you might be stuck inside the house on a gray and chilly day. Plus, the neat thing about galettes, is they’re incredibly adaptable to both size and ingredients; make an individual galette with your favorite ingredients, or make a cookie sheet-sized one for the family or a potluck.

First mix 1 1/2c. flour with 1/4tsp. salt in a bowl; in another bowl cut up half a stick of butter with 2 knives to pea-sized dots.  Chill both of these bowls in the fridge while you:
Peel and boil about 5 or 6 small potatoes til fork tender, remove from water and put 2 eggs in to hard-boil while you smash up the taters with some pats of butter.  Once the eggs are done, peel them and cut up to blend with the creamy potato mixture.
Pull out the 2 bowls from the fridge and mix together by cutting the butter into the flour til it resembles thick meal.  Add about 1/2c. of buttermilk, or milk (or soymilk) with some lemon juice to curdle (ok, this wasn’t local either) and mix into the flour until the dough comes together and then use your hands to work it through evenly til it’s a nice, firm ball.  Cover this with a towel and place in the fridge again.
Put the rest of the stick of butter on to melt and slice the shitakes; toss them in and start chopping spinach which you’ll add next.  Immediately afterwords, cube a few more potatoes into thumbnail-sized cubes and toss those into the sizzling butter mix too.  In a separate pan fry up the lamb sausage til done and cut into cubes the same size as the potatoes.  Toss these two pans together when the potatoes are slightly browned and firm and the spinach has given way to a rich, dark green color.  Now to this combo add the creamy potato-egg mixture and stir well.
Out of the fridge comes the dough which you should roll out to a good thinness for the size of galette you want (mine was about 3/4 the size of the cookie sheet I used to bake it on.)  Plop the filling/topping (it’s all the same for a galette, no?) on and spread it around the middle, but leave enough space to fold the dough over to make a nice bowl-shape with the crust.
Bake this doozy in a 400F oven for about 45 minutes, until the dough becomes firm and crust-like and its a pretty golden brown color.

In my opinion, this is a meal in itself, excellent as a stand-alone dish.


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