WSU Farm Tour

After weeks of preparation; cleaning, mowing, moving, tidying, finishing up odds and ends of projects, harvesting, jamming and bottling, the WSU Farm Tour coordinated by FIELD-intern coordinator, Leora Stein, was a smashing (if thoroughly soaking) success.

Cuckoo Maran, Barred Rock, R.I. Red, Silver-Laced Wyandotte, Freedom Ranger, Black Australorp

A stream of cars was already filling the driveway when the tour officially opened at 10am and people were itching to walk around the farm to meet the chickens, sheep and farmers of Spring Rain Farm and Orchard. 

Macroinvertebrate team leaders, Julia and Kay

Activities and interests included “Guess that Chicken Breed!”, scooping up macroinvertebrates in Chimacum Creek, painting a chicken coop mural, viewing a frame of honeybees in an observation box and personal tours led by Farmer John himself.

The sales tent didn’t do too shabbily either, as you can’t find Spring Rain at any of the farmer’s markets in the area (they only sell to the co-op, a cafe in town and some direct shares of certain crops, eggs and meat.)  People had heard about the farm but didn’t have a clue where to find our products and many came with a one-track mind for purchases.  Jam, honey, tinctures (by yours truly), eggs, corn, winter squash and pumpkins went like hotcakes.

Despite a tremendous rain shower that lasted a good hour, folks were not deterred and continued to stream in along their day of touring 17 other farms in the area.

John, Kay, Julia, Tassie, Camille, Heidi, Caroline, Roxanne

In the end we decided that we topped off with a good 300 visitors, over $1000 in sales and many good reasons to hit the sack for a much-needed night’s sleep.  And today, we rest.


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