The Zuke-tini

Due to the abundance of zucchini that farmers and home gardeners have on their hands this time of year, people have had to get creative with ways to actually use it up.  Bryce and Eagan, the 2 other WWOOFers here on Spring Rain Farm are excellent zucconsumers and have consistently served forth the zukes in at least 2 different forms at each meal.  Drawing from their experiments and expertise, and a quick internet search I have come up with more than 35 different ways to munch, dip and even drink this heavy-bearing summer vegetable:

Chocolate zucchini cake
Zucchini bread
Chopped and simmered with a grain, like quinoa or millet
Marinated with onions and yellow squash in a raw salad
Steamed and mashed with olive oil, tahini and spices as a dip
Zucchini pancakes
In frittata, omelette or Quiche
Spinach and zucchini soup with cilantro
Zucchini apple relish with onions
Strawberry pie with zucchini and walnuts:
Kabobs, with eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, etc.
Sliced thinly as noodle-free layers in lasagna
Zucchini hash browns (shredded, drained and skillet-fried)
Stir-fried with chickpeas, kale and tofu
In fried rice
Grilled (with paprika or curry powder!)
Sautéed (with cumin or nutmeg!)
In salsa (especially with corn and black beans and tomatoes)
Zucchini patties (with breadcrumbs)
Shredded into meatloaf
Curried zucchini burgers
Zu-canoes (hollowed out zucchini, stuffed with any number of things from ground meat to grains and other veggies)
Scalloped zucchini
Breaded and fried
Zucchini pickles
Zucchini relish
On pizza
As pizza (with cheese, tomatoes, or other toppings and toasted til the cheese melts)
Grilled, topped, rolled and sliced (with cold-cuts, hummus or other spreads)
Grated into tuna/chicken/potato/egg salad
Sliced and marinated (either for raw or cooked consumption)
Zucchini potato latkes
w/ potatoes and nuts, shaped and baked as croquettes     and

-zucchini water: grate one large zucchini and salt it to draw out the water, press the water out through a sieve after about 10 minutes
-honey simple syrup: 2/3 cup honey with water added to make 2 cups; stir briskly to mix
-cold, unfiltered sake
-dry gin
-zuke slices for garnish

mix 1/3 cup zucchini water, 2 tbsp honey syrup, 1/2 cup sake and 1/4 cup gin in a tumbler (or mason jar with a few ice cubes.) strain and pour into cocktail glasses with a wedge of zucchini for show.  *a dash of lime juice is also quite nice.



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