“Wyoming is Cowboy Country”

Gosh darn, I left my cowgirl hat back in the Blue Ridge!

Despite most of Wyoming looking like one giganimous golf course, some breathtaking sights are to be seen (Tiger, you just didn’t think that one through, did ya?) if you’re patient. Patient enough to hold your bladder for 100 miles before you ever see a rest stop (“Bladders as Big as the Sky”, they have here in Wyoming.)When you finally do reach your first rest stop, wouldn’t you know it’s in ‘Chugwater?’ And patient enough to drive like a granny because you’re getting mighty low on gas but haven’t passed a gas station in an hour and a half – thankfully you come upon one in a junction town before the fumes give out on you.

Driving North through the state yesterday, Memorial day traffic made the total number of humans in the state rival the number of cattle – which dotted the rolling range like scattered ink drops.  So it was smooth sailin through the countryside with no troublesome traffic to speak of. Unless you’re an antelope, cow, stallion, buffalo or deer; I’m sure our traffic was a bit of a nuisance to them as they grazed and pastured, no matter how well they hid it.

Once I hit 120 and drove through the gorge towards Thermopolis (World’s Largest Natural Hot Springs!) there were towering rocky outcrops housing caves and sparse Western vegetation splitting up from the earth like high-rises on either side. (By the way, your perfect Wyoming soundtrack falls in between the range of Jo Dee Messina and Rusted Root.)  Cody, WY was waiting for me on the other side and the mountains became more spread out and majestic with names like “Elk Butte” and “Heart” mountains.  With clouds forming to rival the landscape as I drew near to my namesake city I became more and more antsy to emerge from my 10-hour car trip.

Cody is a very friendly town, (“Where the New West Meets the Old West”) with lots and lots of cowboy apparel, Native American trinkets, gift shops, campgrounds and 5 Buffalo Bill Museums in one large Historical Center.  Gas is mighty high here, at $2.99 for unleaded 85. But this is cowboy gas up here.


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